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Quantity Surveying

Please contact us for a quotation specific to your project. We offer a Suite of commercial and quantity surveying services in relation to:

Contract Advice (NEC and JCT experts)

Contract Administration

Commercial Management

Cost Estimating

Cost Plans

Procurement and Tendering

Valuation of Works

Applications and Certificates

Final Account

Dispute Resolution

We also provide Part 35 compliant expert reports for legal matters relating to issues such as defective construction works and landlord disputes.

Our inception to completion Quantity Surveying services are further detailed below:


Contract Advice and Administration

(a) Advise and provide the correct contract form for your project

(b) Tailor contract to your circumstances such as determining

- liquidated damages (and correct valuation of)

- collateral warranties

- parent company guarantees

- bonds

- payment type (staged, interim etc.)

- pricing model (lump sum, target price, GMP, cost plus)

(c) Issuance and administering of contract notices in accordance with the contract


(a) Provide Building Estimates for the planned works

(b) Procurement and tendering of the works packages

(c) Bill of Quantities

(d) Cost Planning


(a) Forecasting 

(b) Contract Administration

(c) Final Account Agreement

(d) Claims and Dispute Resolution 

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