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EWS1 Survey and Assessment

We carry out a full service in order for our clients to be able to obtain a signed EWS1 form for their building/block.

The service begins with an initial assessment of all documentation obtained relating to the external wall system which is assessed in detail culminating in findings, conclusions and recommendations that are provided to the client in a comprehensive 'Preliminary Review' report.

Assuming the outcome of the 'Preliminary Review' report has been successful we are also able to provide a signed EWS1 Certificate (under Option A).

In cases where the initial 'Preliminary Review' report advises that input from a Fire Engineer (Option B) is deemed necessary, we work in conjunction with our partners who are highly experienced and qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Fire Engineers and are Chartered Engineers.

Our trusted partners are happy to proceed based on our 'Preliminary Review' report findings meaning we can provide extremely competitive prices for Option B work. We manage Option B work on the client's behalf including organisation of our specialist intrusive contractors where required in coordination with the Fire Engineer.

Please contact us for further information and a quotation on EWS1 assessment and certificate sign off by an appropriate professional.

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